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How To Prepare Content For Your Poster Presentation

Gathering and organizing your text, images, graphs, charts, logos, etc. should be the first step in creating your poster presentation. This is the most important and often the most overlooked time saving-part of the process. Once you have your content rounded up in one place, its time to start the basic structure of your poster presentation. This can be done quite easily using the guide below to help present your research clearly and professionally.

Standard research poster sections:

  • The poster title (with author names underneath followed by the names of affiliated institutions)
  • Introduction, Background, or Abstract (a place to quickly summarize your topic and trigger your audience‚Äôs interest)
  • Materials and Methods or Process (a place to describe your process and what led to your results)
  • Results (the place where the results of your experiment are explained)
  • Conclusions or Discussion (the place where you explain why your results are conclusive and provide the reader with a short but solid justification of your hypothesis)
  • References or Literature Cited (This is where you make a list of the literature you have cited regarding this project. List the names of authors, publications and publishing dates)
  • Acknowledgements sometimes replaced by Contact Information (This section is optional but if you have the room you can use it to thank the people who helped with your project of provide your contact information)

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