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How To Choose The Right Size For Your Poster Presentation

The first step to creating your poster presentation is determining the required size. Each conference has specific requirements and poster guidelines indicating the space allocated for poster presentations. You would need to follow their instructions or you may end up with a poster that is too big or too small for the allocated poster area. The most commonly allocated poster space for South African conferences is 120cm x 90cm in portrait orientation. This does vary though, so be sure to check your guidelines provided by your conference.

If the conference is allocating a 120cm x 90cm space, here is a visual example of how some commonly used size posters will fit in that space.

How To Choose The Right Size For Your Poster Presentation | ResearchPosters.co.za

As illustrated in the above diagram, the allocated poster area is not necessarily the actual dimensions of your poster. Generally, standard poster sizes are used which fit just within the allocated space. If a custom size poster is required, this can simply be determined and set when you starting your poster layout.

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